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Important – Changes to Email, FTP and Database Access (PCI Compliance)

SpeedySparrow are committed to providing the latest software on our web servers for optimum performance and security. Today we emailed all our clients important information on changes to email, FTP and database access. It is essential that clients read the full information and take action.   To comply with PCI (payment card industry) requirements, which are important for hosting clients with […]


cPanel Security Update [Cont..2]

To our recent blog post, continued on with additional updated by cPanel Inc. http://blog.speedysparrow.com/?p=296   cPanel, Inc. Announces Additional Internal Security Enhancements   This is a follow up on the status of the security compromise that cPanel, Inc. experienced on Thursday, February 21, 2013.   As mentioned in our email sent to cPanel Server Administrators […]

Security Alert! (cPanel)

Dear Members & Viewers,   We appreciate you taking the time to read this, it is a security alert from cPanel and it should be addressed immediately.   We urge that if you have not changed your password after or before reading this to do so IMMEDIATELY!     Salutations,   You are receiving this […]

SSHD Rootkit Exploit

Hello Members,   In association with our support with CloudLinux we have extracted this information via their blog: http://www.cloudlinux.com/blog/clnews/sshd-exploit.php   Many of you are aware of SSHD exploit going around hosting comunity. It seems to affect servers running CloudLinux, CentOS & cPanel. There are also reports of DirectAdmin, Plesk & non-RHEL based distributions being affected. […]


Merry Christmas from SpeedySparrow

Hello,   SpeedySparrow wishes everyone within and abroad Australia a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year   To celebrate Christmas an to give our fair share of the Christmas Pudding, we are offering all new customers to SpeedySparrow a 90% discount for their first month of hosting, no lock in contracts, no extra fees, […]

Linux Bash Script – WHMCS Patch 5.1 Google Checkout

Hello,   This is relatively simple and easy to manage – the step by step guide below will have your WHMCS 5.1.3 service patched via batch script, that is if you prefer to operate most of your commands and services via this method:   1) wget https://raw.github.com/tripflex/scripts/master/patchwhmcsgc   2) chmod +x patchwhmcsgc   3) ./patchwhmcsgc […]


Ticket Update: Sri Lankan Spammer!

Hello Everyone,   Not that long ago (going back to 2011) and back to this specific post by our administration: http://blog.speedysparrow.com/?p=183   With relation to the above topic we had quite a few posts about our company that was misleading, inaccurate, and was quite damaging but we pulled through this and did not let it […]

Gone Phishing (cPanel) Preventing Phishing SPAM

With the holidays fast approaching, the occurrence of phishing can skyrocket. We put together a handy little guide on how to minimize and stop phishing emails.   Enable DKIM and SPF   DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a powerful resource introduced in cPanel in 11.32. This tool will sign the email with a digital signature […]


Share your best summer XMAS photo for a chance to win $100 worth of hosting credit

It’s relatively simple, no matter rain, hail, or shine, we want to see what you have ready and what is currently sitting best on your camera, upload it, share it, and have your chance to win $100 worth of SpeedySparrow hosting credit.   The image however, will need to be in a non-pornographic environment and […]


Price Changes

Dear Members,   This is a notification that as of August 12th 2012 – SpeedySparrow has increased it normal “Shared Web Hosting” prices up by $1.00 per package, to help support a growing a growing business SpeedySparrow has had to resort to price increases to help support the business growth and development wise.   Normal […]