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SpeedySparrow moves to RateLobby!



Since the closure of RatePoint, SpeedySparrow has been wondering who should re-host it’s old and new reviews?


Recently we came to a conclusion and decided to go with RateLobby, based on their current setup and cheap offering towards reviews as well as discounts to help support a growing company such as ourselves we decided to give them a go and we must admit that we have been rather pleased by their excellent uptime, support, and pricing.


We would also like to thank RateLobby for getting our reviews back on track with minimal delay – we achieved a great outcome and cannot be happier with the results.


For everyone that doesn’t know the current link across to our RateLobby profile, you can view it below:




For all current customers, we do look forward to reading your latest reviews on the service, whether good or bad we would love to hear from you.


Thank you.

Roboform Xmas Giveaway!

Well, Christmas is right around the corner so the team at SpeedySparrow though it would be nice to offer something back to the community and what better way than to start off with offering you the chance to win one of ten yearly licenses on us valued at $19.95 each.


There is no gimmick, no hidden fees, no hidden charges, simply a license that you can use with one of today’s fastest growing password managers. Roboform has been in operation since 1999 and has been selling it’s one of a kind password management system to the local community, it’s not a system like any other, it’s unique to your lifestyle and it’s unique to the way it operates – tired of remembering passwords you use on websites, forums, blogs, well think again because Roboform has you covered from top to bottom when it comes to remembering the simplest of passwords.


The best thing about Roboform is it integrates well in to your most favorable browsers including (FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer) as well as many others, and the great thing about this is it allows you to login to webpages you have saved passwords on, either manually or automatically – you set the tone and Roboform follows it to the tea.


With it’s intelligent operations Roboform also syncs your passwords from passcards in to it’s cloud based technology allowing you to sync your login credentials through your trusty applications such as the Apple iPad and the Apple iPhone as well as your Android devices, this making it a great competitor to the online market of password management. Roboform allows you to access your data on the go without compromise, it’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s not to be missed – if you want o participate well read on.


Simply visit this page, and tweet about this awesome deal – remember to include @SpeedySparrow in your response otherwise you miss out on being a lucky winner.


Winners will be drawn on the SpeedySparrow Community Forums as well as through twitter on Christmas Day (December 25th 2011), for all those that have tweeted thank you! For those that haven’t, well you’re missing out.


We would also like to thank the team at Roboform for also getting involved, it would not be possible without you.


Clearing up any doubt!

Dear Readers,


Recently it has come to our attention that an ex-customer of SpeedySparrow has decided to attack our services with false, mis-leading, inaccurate, slanderous, based comments with malicious intent that has had a few people wondering about our services and whether it be worth their time trying.


Early in June 2011, we had a customer that decided that “SPAMMING” was the right approach, however as per our company policies any acts of SPAM or acts that would violate our services was forbidden and was something that we did not agree on. During the episodes that outplayed after our investigations and from receiving complaints from SPAMVERTISEMENT and other services of it’s kind we decided to take the most appropriate action by contacting the customer and advising them of the situation and allowing them 24 hours to comply with the notification.


Sadly, 24 hours had passed without any sort of word from our ex-customer so we decided to take action and suspend the account that was in question and later terminated it later in the month of June for non-payment as well as no other further communication.


Later in the same month of June we started noticing attacks from an individual that was using anonymous names to degrade SpeedySparrow as a web hosting provider by using false information and slandering our business with words such as (scammers, hackers, stole my money, deleted my website, not a registered company, one man host, lousy tech support) and so the list goes on. We later discovered that the website user was in fact our ex-customer that had apparently used false information when he had ordered with us and managed to get past our anti-fraud verification system.


During the few months that followed the attacks seemed to of stopped for a short period, not before more attacks of slander were later discovered in the months of October preceding the Chestnut Downtime incident which somehow came in to the same context to this users ranting episodes about SpeedySparrow being the worst company in Australia as well as using false claims to once again put us down for the most inappropriate reasons. Due to the nature of the users attacks and rants we would like to take some time to establish a bond with new users to the extent of saying that we are not as illicit as this user makes us out to be, we don’t steal customer payments to us and will actively work with each customer in the event that they have issues with us or have a dispute that they’d wish to bring forward.


Our services are actively open to criticism and we will respect each users comments, though one thing that we do discourage is slander and or words that are derogatory in any way against our business and the way it is operated. We maintain the highest level of integrity that we possibly can and will work around each issue that any user brings forwards to us in an appropriate time-frame, we would like to point out that we have NEVER stolen money from any of our customers but we do take action when our policies are violated and in any instance SPAM from our network will not be tolerated to any level.


We would like to point out the following complaint:



This complaint that come to light recently was once more a vicious attack on us from an ex-customer, as per our privacy policy we cannot divulge the such information to you even where the account was false to begin with. The link above represents a user that uses the name “Jack Palen”, I can tell you this we’ve never had a user with the such name register under our network and have never had any customer under the address that the user has provided as part of his/her report against us – anonymity helps keep these people private and makes it really hard to track them down.


Unfortunately as per laws these such posts even though false and mis-leading which are of slander in nature are kept safe on such advocacy websites. Unless a court order is provisioned it is very hard to have these such remarks removed even temporarily. There is quite a few posts from the same user and as per our understanding and by the nature of how the comments are written the user has used up to 10 different aliases to bash SpeedySparrow for his/her own wrong doing and is taking these attacks out on our services for reasons of revenge for his/her sites being terminated by us – even when proper communication was done on our side.


The same user has also re-posted the same comments from earlier threads made under different aliases which is again using that anonymity structure to remain hidden and to not be caught. Unfortunately, what some users do not realize is that bread crumbs can easily be traced back and we have worked with local website owners as well as these known compliant boards to have such posting removed as well as more information given about a users location to and where of the posting date. With such information it can be used to open up court proceedings to have further action taken against a user that continually slanders our services for a breach of our policies, sadly though some people do not understand the importance on our side and to what it takes to keep each and every one of our customers safe and secure from online attacks as well as SPAM.


On a side matter to the above link provided, another link has the same attack and nature:



The same user that posted the above was the exact same user that posted the newest and most recent attack on our services for downtime that was scheduled by our technicians as well as myself as the operating CEO. The attacks of the recent downtime are a constant reminder that sometimes even with the smallest amount of downtime to and where scheduled can really cut the cords on some users and their active services, we do actively send out notifications on such service downtime though they are not carefully considered at the point of receiving the notification.


We would like everyone to take a moment to actually reflect on this users attacks, slander towards our company, as well as the false and mis-leading information he has provided on this such advocacy websites which we deem as inappropriate and illegal in all sense. We would also like to address that even though SpeedySparrow as nurtured in Australia it has no resemblance in Tasmania as reported in the attacks in the links above, the main SpeedySparrow company is physically based out of the state of New South Wales and act under the laws and regulations of this state as well as the state of New Jersey in the United States.


For those who would like further information on the SpeedySparrow business you are more than welcome to check out of registration details via the ASIC website that deals with Australian Firms as well as the Australian Business Registry that deals with the registration of Australian Businesses.


Australian Business Number: 37 060 234 593
Australian Customer Number: 147 798 838


For further analysis, “Jack Palen” as his anonymity has also decided it be useful to carry along the same derogatory comments on any SCAM Found forum/site he could find.



You may also notice the similarities between these two posts:
– Remember though, we are dealing with the same individual.





As you can see multiple different usernames were used for the same exact content, we are slowly filtering through them to have them revoked from these websites as they are indeed slander, derogatory, and are in true fact illegal. We will be working with advocating agencies to also get more information on the individual posters to seek further action  as in accordance to criminal acts.


Kayako to WHMCS Integration

It has been a while but we have taken in customer feedback and are slowly integrating our Kayako to WHMCS integration module, this is slowly being advanced but will take some time to complete. The new changes will allow users to interact with SpeedySparrow Staff and Management more easily as well as view everything in one easy customized panel.


The new changes include the ability to:


  • Open/Close tickets via the Client Area
  • View tickets actively open, awaiting-reply, on hold, and in progress.
  • View tickets from the main Client Area Home
  • View Knowledge-base articles
  • View Announcements
  • Select product group from open tickets and set activeness


Current known bugs:


  • Unable to close active tickets
  • Unable to view knowledge-base articles
  • Unable to view content on announcements
  • Unable to view closed tickets
  • Closed tickets count towards open ticket statistics (when enabled)


More changes will be processed accordingly, though this is a great step towards our Kayako to WHMCS integration which will allow users/customers to access everything from one pre-defined location so no more switching back and forth between platforms to view tickets and invoices.


Keep an eye on this blog post as it will be continually updated, though to see some of the changes we are making, take a look below.







Case Study: OnApp Deployment

Well it has been an interesting journey so far, earlier this year we (SpeedySparrow Pty Ltd) thought it would be best to up the antes on our cloud servers setup, rather than relying on datacenter’s to fulfill our every need and requirements we thought we would tackle cloud hosting straight on by actually bringing our own cloud network online, with the assistance of both DedicatedNOW and OnApp Cloud we managed to make that a reality with (SpeedySparrow Cloud Web Hosting), a rather cliche but unique  brand to the cloud industry.


Since our main deployment in April of 2011 we have noticed a radical climb both in online sales as well as performance with our new additional SAN setup, powered by multiple Hyper-Visors, a unique off-site Backup Server, as well as powerful Dedicated Servers based around i7-Core Processors, we must admit that it has improved our image as well as performance by one hundred fold (easily). The improvements and the benefits of cloud hosting are amazing and really do outweigh your traditional web hosting provider services, it really packs a punch on performance and really gives you the drive to succeed within the cloud hosting industry.


To get a better idea on our OnApp deployment, you may be interested in reading our case study performed by our Chief Operating Officer – Eric Cooper, below:
SpeedySparrow & OnApp Case Study (the need to know)


We do hope to improve on new services very soon, and hopefully you may start enjoying some of the great benefits of actually being on the cloud. Why not also stop by our forums and give your words of wisdom to us, you may also discuss ongoing trends as well as what technologies, tools, and/or features you would like to see as part of our continual growth within the cloud industry (all comments and criticism is welcome).


Register on our forums today, absolutely FREE!
I want to register on your forums, show me how?


Hope to see you around!

Beta Theme Installed

SpeedySparrow has today officially installed and fixed up its latest cPanel theme called “CleanPanel”, provided and worked by Sam Asante and Bobby Shannon this new and intuitive theme has a lot to say.


The current theme has been installed on the “Chestnut” system and is ready to be applied, however for this specific theme to be used you will need to advise your interest on our Support Desk to have it actively working on your current cPanel account as this theme is still being slowly worked on at the present moment, what a beauty it is I must say.


The current theme is and will be the main SpeedySparrow cPanel login theme, it will also come with a few enhancements over time as well as a new and cook looking cPanel login theme to go with it, stay tuned for those upcoming changes as well.


We hope that you will enjoy the new theme as much as we do, if you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to address them to us and we will see what we can do further to assist. Below is a link to the current theme in PNG format for you to view before you request the changes on your account.


The theme example can be seen in PNG format here:



Domain Reseller (Now Available!)



SpeedySparrow has today gone all out in offering you the chance to register your own domains via your own domain registar account, provided by SpeedySparrow Pty Ltd.


When registering your own registar account you will be able to register and sell your own domains off to your current customers or active clients. You will be able to upload funds in to your account to where you can then register your new domains names, the best thing about it is your account is totally white-labelled which means no strings attached on to your current registar which can increase your sales quite profitably if done right.


All account domains that are registered, will be registered through ResellerClub via the SpeedySparrow registar. As a private-reseller, you will be granted your own registar login which means you can control all the domains under your control, you can even transfer domains that you actively own in to your own registar as well as register new domains on the go with your active funds – it is really that easy.


The best thing about being a SpeedySparrow reseller is that you will be entitled to your own private-white-labeled reseller account with no attachments, you will also be greeted with your own API for seamless integrations of your services, along with the best pricing of today’s domain name registrations. You get an array of options and settings to choose from within your active registar that you will go fluzey when you are actually in side, you can also automate domain registrations via services like WHMCS and others when incorporating your API’s.


So why note take on the challenge today, you never know you may even get more than you bargain for.


Register a Reseller Account today:


Apache Zero-Day Exploit dubbed “Apache Killer”

It has recently come to the attention of SpeedySparrow that a new exploit code dubbed “Apache Killer” has arrived, discovered and diagnosed more than 54 months ago it seems that the new attack against the Apache Web-Server has finally arrived.


The new exploit has the capability of bringing down an entire Apache system with the use of a single PC. The dubbed exploit “Apache Killer” vulnerability acts in a way to which sends multiple GET requests to the system containing overlapping byte ranges, the current exploit is known to affect systems running versions of Apache from v1.3 to the latest release (current fixes are in place) but a definite fix from Apache is being heavily awaited.


Apache has noted that a release should hopefully be released within the next 96 hours, even though this is a time-frame away SpeedySparrow will be taking the necessary actions to ensure systems that we are hosting are protected from this rather new and known exploit and all necessary protection methods will be enforced immediately on all active servers.


All current and active VPS customers that are running Apache on their systems should be warned to take appropriate action.


Please refer to the Suggested Fixes that have been released, these can be used in time till a new fix is released by Apache.


Hosting Providers Wall of Shame!

Since SpeedySparrow launched its new website more than a year ago, we have seen more and more people take interest in “ripping” and/or in other words stealing our sites entire template or partial aspects of it. It has been a battle to constantly remove content from providers that continually try and steal our website style/theme.


Today, we have had enough of being the “nice” provider on the market to let a lot of these “content rips” pass, so today we will start naming and shaming those providers that try or actively steal our website content without the appropriate permission to do so.


If we do find our site content displayed on any website other than SpeedySparrow we will take appropriate actions to have it removed. Ultimately, you will also be listed on our wall of shame and our list below so before you consider stealing our site content you may want to step back and think about your actions first before proceeding further.


Otherwise start enjoy the growing list that we actively promote below, I am sure some of them might be well known to you and some not so much so:


Today’s Thief:




2Checkout Payment Status

Over recent months we have noticed several customers overpaying us (not such a bad thing of course) by accident due to their invoices not reflecting a “Paid Status” after their initial payment was made, due to these issues we thought it may be best to outline the reasons why your payments made via 2Checkout are not marked as instantly paid when done at a specific time.


When you organize to pay your account balance via 2Checkout whether it be via their Credit Card facility or via their PayPal option, the details are taken in by 2Checkout to initiate a secondary “anti-fraud” check which usually takes from a few minutes to a maximum of 24-hours to be acknowledged then approved and/or denied depending on whether or not 2Checkout deems the payment as fraudulent or not.


Due to the secondary anti-fraud check that is initiated all invoices will remain unpaid until the status of the payment is approved, if the payment is approved then the API will call back to SpeedySparrow and will mark your invoice as paid (so please do not initiate a secondary payment until the fraud check is complete). If on the other hand the payment is denied or is not approved the invoice will remain as unpaid or may be changed depending on the status, either “Unpaid” and/or “Cancelled”, the same will apply to new orders that are made under our network and no invoice or service is setup until this process has completed.


Due to that fact that we have seen a massive rise in fraudulent orders over the last few months we have decided that we will still apply anti-fraud checks on new and existing customers to ensure that every customer that we hold under our network is protected from any acts of fraud and/or possible acts of fraud against them, these have been accepted as standard policies and will continue to be pushed forward as an option to keep enabled to prevent any unwanted users abusing our networks and/or services.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding these actions please do not hesitate to let us know, we would be more than happy to assist you with your enquiries.


Though please do remember that if you are paying via 2Checkout either via Credit Card and/or PayPal please do not initiate a secondary payment until you receive notification of the payment originally made being cleared and/or accepted by the gateway. You may also follow up any paid invoices to our billing department if you are worried they have not been approved, or may not be approved for any circumstance. Most invoices will correct themselves accordingly as per the automated systems, if your invoice does not reflect any status change after 24-hours please do address them to us and we will do our best to provide you more accurate information about the process of your payment.


We do apologize if this comes to any inconvenience, though we are here to assist if you require our help!